Laser technology is being used for an increasing number of cosmetic treatments.Skin resurfacing for wrinkle reduction, treatment acne scars, and removal of pigmented blemishes (e.g., age spots and moles) are some of many. For hair reduction, the laser system targets the melanin in the hair follicle (or root). For wrinkle reduction and treatment of acne scars, the device targets and damages cells near the surface of the skin. Jajis Innovation provides effective laser treatment procedures by using correct device for a given treatment, employing highly skilled and trained staffs. With the right treatment, you can keep acne under control. But what’s the best acne treatment for you? Many options are available, including prescription creams and antibiotics, which target the various causes of acne. But even with the wide range of acne treatments, chronic breakouts may still be difficult to treat. New acne treatments — such as blue light therapy or diode laser therapy — may be an effective option but are often reserved for people who don’t respond to more traditional therapy

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