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Who We Are

The Innovators

Welcome to Jaji’s Innovation – a name synonymous with beauty, creativity, and excellence. Founded in the heart of Kerala by the visionary Dr. K Jajimole, our brand has been redefining the standards of beauty and wellness since its inception in December 2011. Born from a passion for the transformative power of beauty and grooming, Jaji’s Innovation has grown from a single salon to a multifaceted empire, spreading its wings across Kerala with a chain of luxury unisex salons, a distinguished cafe and event hall, an inviting food court, a trendsetting designing studio, and a pioneering cosmetics line.

Our founder, Dr. K Jajimole, is not just the brain behind our brand; she is the heart. Her journey began with a humble desire to bring world-class beauty services to Kerala, inspired by her extensive education in beauty therapy from renowned institutions around the globe. Dr. Jajimole’s pursuit of excellence led her to become one of the most scientifically educated and internationally recognized figures in the beauty industry. Her accolades include being part of the award-winning Indian team at the International Championship CMC Russia-Ural and securing a runner-up position in the Creative and Innovative Hairdo Category at an international level.

Our Mission

At Jaji’s Innovation, our mission is ‘The Beautiful Science.’ We are dedicated to providing scientifically-backed, innovative beauty treatments and products. We believe that beauty is not just an art but a precise science that enhances one’s natural features and promotes well-being. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics to include nurturing the soul and spirit through our serene environments and attentive care.

Our Values

Innovation, Quality, and Trust are the pillars that support every venture under the Jaji’s Innovation umbrella. We are committed to pioneering new beauty techniques and treatments that set industry standards. Every product we offer and every service we deliver embodies our unwavering commitment to quality. Above all, we cherish the trust our customers place in us, which fuels our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Our Services

From luxurious salon experiences to rejuvenating spa treatments, from bespoke fashion at our Design Studio to gourmet delights at our Food Court and Café, every Jaji’s Innovation venture is designed with our customers’ satisfaction in mind. Our Cosmetic line promises beauty enhancements using only the safest and most effective ingredients. Moreover, our educational courses offer unparalleled knowledge and skills to aspiring beauty professionals, nurturing the next generation of talent.

Our Legacy

Jaji’s Innovation is more than a brand; it’s a legacy built on the foundation of hard work, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of beauty. We have beautified Kerala, setting new benchmarks in the beauty and wellness industry. Dr. K Jajimole’s vision has not only elevated the local beauty landscape but has also put it on the global map.

We invite you to be a part of our journey at Jaji’s Innovation, where beauty is illuminated by science, and every service is an experience. Join us in our quest to redefine beauty and discover the best version of yourself.

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Pride in Each Service

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